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The Fifth Reel is a party movie group that plays cult/classic movies at various venues around Calgary AB. All our events are licensed and feature live music before the film.

Upcoming screening: "Independence Day" - July 4, 2017

Tickets available here:

JULY 4TH 1996 shall always be remembered as the day our neighbours to the south saved the entire world and defeated a relentless alien invasion. This fourth of July The Fifth Reel wants to celebrate this pivotal event in human history with a screening of Roland Emmerich's INDEPENDENCE DAY!

“On July 2nd, communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference, later revealed to be gigantic spacecraft piloted by a mysterious alien species. After attempts to communicate with the aliens go nowhere, David Levinson, an ex-scientist turned cable technician, discovers that the aliens are going to attack major points around the globe in less than a day. On July 3rd, the aliens all but obliterate New York, Los Angeles and Washington, as well as Paris, London, Houston and Moscow. The survivors devise a plan to fight back against the enslaving aliens, and July 4th becomes the day humanity will fight for its freedom. “ - IMDB

Be sure to get here early because we'll be having some good ol' fashioned BBQ snacks at the theatre! It's a 4th of July party Fifth Reel style!

Now that's what I call a close encounter.

Hosting for the evening will be the always hilarious, never a dull moment The Kinkonauts! Prepare to be dazzled by their hilarious antics and mind bending challenges. Past highlights include human-proton-pack ghost hunting, Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation contests, and life sized rock em sock em robots. One can only guess what they have up their sleeve this time.

Movie starts at 9:30


$9 Early Bird tickets if you order before June 20th!
$10 for members of The Fifth Reel/Calgary Underground Film Festival/UofC Film Society
$12 for non-members (Free Fifth Reel memberships will be available inside the theatre for those who want to become members for next time)


Audience participation and dressing up is always encouraged. Yelling, cheering, jeering, quote a long. are all also highly encouraged. Past screenings have been as loud and as rowdy as the last house party you've been to. The Fifth Reel is an interactive movie going experience, the audience makes the fun. If you expect to sit on your hands in silence for two hours then this might not be for you...

Kindly note: The Fifth Reel screenings are special event screenings. As such, Globe passes, gift certificates, Friends of CJSW discounts, and Groupons will not be accepted

Upcoming Showtimes

  • July 4 - 10:00pm