Globe Cinema is once again open and welcoming our vibrant Calgary community as normal. We feel it is important that we share with our valued patrons our prevention plan.

With Phase 2 for business re-opening in full swing and businesses throughout Calgary's downtown core opening, moving forward we are proactively staying up-to-date and in communication with national and local health officials as well as implementing preventative procedures to promote a safe and enjoyable experience to our patrons.

One of the preventative measures we are taking in response is, first and foremost, disallowing door tickets to be sold and only allowing online tickets in advance. This helps eliminate one point of contact, and helps our staff prepare in advance for the evening to be more safe and prepared than ever. We are also asking our patrons to take strict precautions, without which they will be turned away:

  • Masks must be worn inside our building. You may take off your mask once seated in the auditorium. You will not be allowed inside without a mask.
  • We ask that all our guests please follow the proper social distancing etiquette while attending films at Globe. This includes standing at least 6 feet apart in lobbies and only sitting next to the people in your group or family. Every second row of seats is closed.
  • We are only accepting Debit, Visa, and Mastercard payment at concession for the time being.
  • The front doors will be locked 10 minutes after the film has started; no latecomers (except for pre-arranged wheelchair access scenarios) or “in-and-outs” – sorry! This is so that our small team can safely and comfortably clean after starting and between shows. Washrooms and concessions are still available to patrons in the building.

There are some other facility-facing changes at Globe Cinema that you may notice to address the ongoing concern for COVID-19 as small businesses re-open. We are taking these and other background precautions: We are only allowing a maximum of 50 patrons per show, as opposed to our usual 378 or the Government of Alberta’s currently imposed 100 maximum. We are also blocking off every second row of seats in the auditorium to help You will notice vinyl floor signage with 6 feet of distancing to help you or your group keep social distancing standards while in line at the concession. Speaking of our concessions, plexiglass screens have been installed at each station and we are encouraging tap-only card payment from patrons. Our staff wear masks, do not share tasks, and follow Alberta Health Services and Government of Alberta cleaning and disinfecting standards for their persons and the Globe Cinema concession facilities throughout the night. We have also installed touchless soap dispensers in each bathroom, and hand sanitizer stations around the building for patron use.??


Precautions instated prior to our COVID-19 closure are still in place, including:

  • Disinfecting of all theatre arm rests, handles, doors, and public contact surfaces on a regular basis, including during major festivals happening on-site.
  • Providing more hand disinfection stations throughout the facility.
  • Complimentary disinfecting wipes available to our patrons upon arrival to use throughout our venue.
  • Daily ventilation of our theatres to better circulate airflow through out cinemas.
  • Beverage refills will be given in fresh cups, ensuring that used cups do not come in contact with serving equipment.
  • We will be issuing complimentary passes for future screenings for patrons that have flu-like symptoms prior to or upon arrival at the theatre. For advance notice, call our office or email us to exchange tickets.
  • Increased signage encouraging proper hand-washing at all washrooms.
  • Patrons may request a separate empty popcorn bag if they do not wish to share their popcorn with other members of their party.
  • Increased staff training and increased sanitation procedures.

We are grateful to the Calgary arts community and especially our patrons for their ongoing support and loyal patronage. We have some exciting changes coming to the Globe Cinema and we will continue serving our community and nurturing the arts.